2011 Tennis Tournament

40 photo(s) Updated on: 09 Sep 2011
  • Natalie Baker
  • Melissa Ohlson (member)
  • Coleman Legerton (member)
  • Michelle DeMarco (member)
  • Jessie Brooker (member), Samantha Sas (member) and Sam's mom
  • Susan Chalela (member) and Melody Walker
  • Michelle DeMarco (member, far right) and friends
  • Kacie Highsmith
  • auction table- we raised $980
  • 2011 Raise a Racquet Tennis Tournament --Daniel Island Club
  • Judy Tyler (member) and Penny Wilson (member)
  • A great day of tennis!
  • Christine Lafond (member) and Jana Estes (member)
  • Gretchen Cuddy (member) and Kacie Highsmith (member)
  • Melissa Ohlson (member)
  • Karen Pinosky (member) and Sue Brahan
  • Amy Frain (member) and Teresa Privett (member)
  • Natalie Baker (member) and Coleman Legerton (member)
  • Mosmi Patel's (member) son --Nirvaan
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